Challenge Accepted

Some of us rise to them. Others shy away from them.

The challenge. The shall-onje. A battle of wits. A binary duel between the forces of good and evil, out of which rise a glorious winner and a defeated loser. Many a good game, fight or epic battle has started with a simple challenge.

You say I cannot. While I assure you I can. Challenge accepted.

Google defines the word challenge like this:

chal·lenge / CHalinj/

A call to take part in a contest or competition, esp. a duel.
Invite (someone) to engage in a contest: “he challenged one of my men”.
Synonyms: noun.  dare – defiance – provocation
verb.  defy – dare

Are all challenges contentious? Do they have to entail defiance or provocation? That sounds so harsh. So ugly. Maybe not, but I could use some tough talk around here.

While words like “duel” and “epic battle” may seen a bit hyperbolic when discussing exercise, for me right now, this is exactly what it feels like. My exercise of late can best be described as a “fits and starts” strategy. Exercise consistently for a few weeks, then fall off a cliff for a week. Back on for a few days, back to aforementioned cliff.

I’ve had enough. I need a good old fashioned challenge.

For fewer “fits and starts” and more “glorious winning” I am going to complete the New Rules of Lifting for Woman seven-stage exercise program. The program can take as long as 6 months to complete, but has many interim completion milestones. The philosophy in this book very much matches my own, and what I did to lose the weight I’ve lost so far. It also matches up pretty well for what I am learning for my NASM certification so it won’t interfere at all with that work. It just represents a convenient packaging of the kind of thing that I’ve been successful doing already.

I admit that while the work is completely within my abilities, it intimidates me. I have struggled with the notion of goal setting, because for me, it doesn’t necessarily drive me. I know my tendency towards perfection and not thinking in terms of  small steps and getting started. I don’t think that completing this challenge will turn me into an “exercise everyday and love it forever” person, I think I will always have to gear myself up for it. (Please tell me I’m not alone in that.) But I do think that completing something will be just what I need: a certificate for my wall and bragging rights.

While this challenge may whisper in my ear, “I dare you to complete me” I will respond in defiance and say, “watch me.”


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5 Comments to Challenge Accepted
    • Sara
    • You can do this :) I’m very interested to hear how you like the book and the challenge. I actually just purchased the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises and so far I’m loving the book and all the info it provides. Are you like me that you feel so powerful and just amazing from strength training? I love it!

      • Mary
      • I have that book too, it’s a great reference. I LOVE weight lifting (hence my blog name!) and think more and more women should do it. I’ll keep ya posted on my progress!

        • Sara
        • Ooooh, I thought it was because this is a weight loss type blog-but that works too! I agree. I hate when women say, “But I’ll bulk up.” Jeez. Look forward to your review of the book. :)

      • Mary
      • Hey Miz! Thanks for reading, and yes, agree for sure on the psyche part. I love your mantra, (paraphrased here by me) do a little everyday until I die. Great words to live by!