Mary Henslee, CPT

I did it.

I passed.

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

The challenge wasn’t so much in learning the material (although it was a challenge.) The challenge wasn’t so much in dusting off long forgotten anatomy and biology (but it has been awhile since I formally studied that.) The challenge wasn’t even learning which exercises go in which training level (I’ve done them all and practical knowledge helps tremendously.)

The challenge was wrapping my head around the idea that this girl…

… was becoming a health and fitness professional. I mean really.

But that girl is now this girl…

Now that I can wrap my head around a little better.

It took many months of this…

And so much quality time with this…

To finally get this…

I don’t think I’ll quit my day job to be the next world famous trainer (ha!), but this will be a fun thing to do on the side and of course to share what I’ve learned here with you. Look for my “Know Better, Do Better” posts which will outline some of the cool stuff I’ve learned.

Now, what certification to get next…

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18 Comments to Mary Henslee, CPT
    • Sara
    • That’s so awesome! Congrats! :) I’m behind on my Google Reader, sorry for the delay in commenting. I look forward to reading the knowledge you will share from this experience and good luck!

      • Mary
      • Haha, no worries, I’m usually behind on my Google reader. It was such a fun process learning everything, can’t wait to share! Thanks for reading :)

    • Lyn @ Life Lyn Style
    • I’m going to get my lifeguard certification. It’s only 4 Sundays and will include First Aid and CPR which I should have anyway. I’d be interested in hearing much more about your personal training as that has crossed my mind as well.

      • Mary
      • That’s exciting, Lyn! I had to get CPR/AED before I got my personal training cert as well. I think it’s just good to have. This certification was a lot of anatomy, human movement and muscular/nervous system content, but it is really centered around program design for clients. How to assess them for muscle imbalances and development areas, and then how to develop programs for them based on those assessments and what their goals are. I loved learning it all!