I am Wonder Woman, or how I gained perspective.

Perspective is a powerful tool. A subtle shift in thinking can make everything around you appear different. Powerful tool or super power?

I haven’t been a very good Weight Watchers person lately, meaning I haven’t been to a meeting since mid-December. And oh, the drama of that meeting. I left there SO mad I only lost a pound when I killed it all week (weighed in at 182.2). I came home to talk to Austin about how it went. Paraphrased here for your reading pleasure…

Austin, sheepishly after seeing the look on my face: “How did it go?”

Mary, angry and flustered: “I lost a pound.”

Austin, backing away slowly: “Honey, that’s really good, but what did you expect?”

Mary, more angry, probably crying: “I expected not to suck at losing weight!!”

He went on to remind me that, in fact, I don’t suck at losing weight. I’ve lost around 80 pounds, and I’ve maintained that loss for 3 years. That kind of  makes me the Wonder Woman of losing weight actually. He also reminded me that I’m not a failure for only losing 1 pound. That it’s a healthy and realistic loss for a week for a normal person.

Through this conversation, much prayer and soul searching, I am restoring my perspective. It’s really all about perspective. Sure you have to put in the work (lots of sweating, eating clean), that’s almost the easy part. The game is almost entirely mental.

The funny part? I weigh 184 now, but I’m content with it… for today. There is a fine line between acceptance and apathy. I accept where I am now, but I’m not apathetic about where I want to go. I’m not going to stop pushing and trying to work harder and clean up my diet, but I’m not going to set myself up for failure by having distorted views of success.

Time has changed things, or more correctly, I have changed. I decided I was done feeling sorry for myself, feeling sad a lot and letting every little set back (weight loss or otherwise) send me spiraling into a funk.

When I decided to change, things changed.

Super power, indeed.




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4 Comments to I am Wonder Woman, or how I gained perspective.
    • Sara
    • UGH the damn scale. Your husband does exactly what my husband does when I have a hiccup in my weight loss and reminds me of what I have accomplished already. I’m usually upset with him that he’s “not getting it” and that right now I’m sitting at a certain weight for weeks on end or that I gained some and now have to do the work over basically to try and lose it once more. But later I realize how right he is. I’ve accomplished so much! And SO HAVE YOU :) Have you celebrated lately that you have done so much for yourself, your health and your life? If not, I say go get a pedicure or something because you definitely deserve it.

      • Mary
      • You nailed it exactly. How many times do I have to lose these same 5 pounds?! Shoot me! lol I haven’t celebrated lately, but I like your idea! A relaxing pedicure sounds perfect! And thanks again for reading :)

    • Heather Smith
    • Oh how I have missed your posts Mary! And man did this one hit home! Thank you for sharing your Wonder Woman perspective with grace and humor! Just the motivation I needed! And hug that wonderful husband of yours! he sounds very wise!

      • Mary
      • My ever loyal reader!! Thank you so much, Heather. I have realized that my lesson in perspective applies to my blog too. Just write. That’s all that matters. So expect many more posts! And I will be hugging the wonderful husband of mine. I’m a lucky girl :)